Klatovy city

Klatovy is located in the Šumava foothills near the southwestern border of the Czech Republic with the Federal Republic of Germany, 40 km south of Plzeň. The former royal city of Klatovy is a modern city with a rich historical tradition. By population, it is the second largest city in the Plzen Region after Plzen.

Klatovy Square - Black Tower and Jesuit Church and CatacombsThe dominant feature of the city is the black tower standing on the square. The 81.6-meter-high tower overlooks all of Klatovy and, in good weather, much of Šumava.

Next to the Black Tower, there is a Jesuit church in the square, under which there are Klatovy catacombs, underground spaces designed to bury Both Jesuits and persons who were not members of the order. The ventilation system of the catacombs allows maintaining the optimum temperature for preserving mummified bodies. Visitors can view 30 of them in the Klatovy catacombs, while a further 7 are stored in a publicly inaccessible part of the crypts.

Other Klatovy historic sights are also worth visiting, e.g. baroque pharmacy U Bílýho unicorn, where there is now a museum documenting the development of pharmacy from 1776 to 1966, when the pharmacy ceased its activities.

Image from the city of KlatovyImage from the city of KlatovyImage from the city of Klatovy