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DATE: April 9th – April 12st 2020
PLACE: Hala BK Klatovy (Voříškova 715, Klatovy)
Hala CMS Klatovy (U Elektrárny 917, Klatovy)
City sports hall (Čapkova 136, Klatovy)
Schools gym ZŠ Plánická (Studentská 624, Klatovy)
Schools gym ZŠ Masarykova (Národních mučedníků 185, Klatovy)
Schools gym Gymnázium Klatovy (Národních mučedníků 347, Klatovy)
Schools gym SPŠ Klatovy (Kpt. Nálepky 362, Klatovy)
Schools gym OA (Hálkova 131, Klatovy)
TOURNAMENT FEE: 120 EUR - In case of tournament´s cancelation due to force majeure registration fees will not be returned to participants but will be used to cover expenses already incurred by the organizer and costs associated with cancellation of the event
GAME SYSTEM: will be published together with schedule of the matches two weeks prior to the start, each team will play at least 6 games
RULES: games will be played under the basketball and minibasketball rules for 2019/2020
PRIZES: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places cups and medals, each team diploma + prizes, in each category: All-stars and MVP
TOURNAMENT T-SHIRTS: the order at registration 8 EUR, during the tournament 10 EUR

Tournament fee paying means tournaments participants agree with tournament´s conditions, propositions and rules.

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Klatovy 3
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