Tournament Rules

  1. Categories:
    • U11 girls, boys and mix (born 1.1.2009 and younger)
    • U12 girls, boys and mix (born 1.1.2008 and younger)
    • U14 girls and boys (born 1.1.2006 and younger)
    • U15 girls and boys (born 1.1.2005 and younger)
  2. Each team consists of a maximum of 15 players, in category U15 each team consists of a maximum of 12 players
  3. In categories U11 and U12 the ball size is 5, girls U14 and U15 ball size 6 and boys U14 and U15 ball size 7
  4. The height of the basket in categories U11 and U12 is 260 cm, in categories U14 and U15 it is 305 cm
  5. If asked, each participant must show his/her ID or another document to confirm his/her age. The photo and the date of birth are necessary.
  6. Games are played under the valid basketball and minibasketball rules for 2018/2019 season except the following points:
    • in categories U11 and U12 the game time is 4x8 min, time is stopped only in timeouts
    • in categories U15 and U14 the game time is 4x8 min, time is stopped according to the official FIBA rules
    • each timeout shall last 60 sec., each team may be granted 1 timeout in the 1st half, 2 timeouts in the second half and 1 timeout in the extra period
    • there shall be intervals of play of 2 minutes between the first and the second period, between the third and the fourth period and before the extra period
    • there shall be a half-time interval of play of 5 minutes
    • 4 personal fouls for player per game
    • In the case of draw the game will be continued with an extra period of 3 minutes (time is stopped according to the official FIBA rules). If the game is not decided after the extra time, there comes shooting free throws - 3 series and then (if necessary)1 by 1 until decision
    • At equal points in the groups following criteria are decisive: 1. mutual game, 2. score difference, 3. more scored points, 4. less received points, 5. free throws
    • Each team must be present in the gym at least 5 minutes before the game is scheduled to begin. Breaking this rule will be penalized by 5 points for the opponent team
  7. Each team can protest against the result of the game or the way of officiating to the organization committee within 10 minutes following the end of the game together with the risk money 500 Kč (20 EUR). In case of rejection the risk money belongs to the organizer
  8. The organizer has no material responsibility for the property of players and coaches. All teams must be very particular about their things in order to prevent thefts
  9. The draw of the tournament will take place after the registration deadline and will be sent along with the game system to the address given in registration
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