Fifty days into Easter cup 2019

Dear friends of sports,

in less than two months we will meet at one of the biggest youth tournaments in Europe - Easter Cup Klatovy 2019. We are pleasured by your interest in our basketball tournament and we firmly believe that the time you will spent here in Klatovy will be enjoyable for you all. We hope that you will depart from Klatovy with lots of sports and cultural experience.

We would like to inform you that there are left few last spots for registration, therefore if you still have not registered your team, you can still do so today! The reward for you will be participation at one of the biggest basketball tournaments in Europe, plenty of experience and premium facilities and organization. The big advantage of our tournament is that 9 of 11 halls which will be used for games are located within walking distance of max. 20 minutes from the Tournament Office. Entire catering is centrally located in the school canteen of ZS Planicka, Klatovy (Elementary School Planicka) which is in the very center of the city and within a walking distance of max. 15 minutes from all 9 halls. To facilitate the transfer between accommodation, halls and the canteen or the accompanying program, we provide 4 vans as a “Tournament Shuttle” for you and your team to ensure fast and convenient transportation free of charge. Part of the tournament is also a rich accompanying program such as a ceremonial opening in the center of the city, skill contests, a swimming pool, or a visit to the city’s historical and cultural monuments. All of those are free of charge.

In case of your interest please register your team on website of the tournament:, or contact us via e-mail:

Kind regards,
Organizing Committee of Easter Cup Klatovy 2019

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