Easter Cup Klatovy 2019 Press Conference in Klatovy

Representatives of the Organizing Committee and the city of Klatovy met at the press conference little less than a month before the start of one of the biggest youth tournaments in Europe. Together, they presented plans and visions for the upcoming tournament.

The organizing Committee was represented by the Managing Director of the tournament Stanislav Krivacek and the Chief of the Organizing Committee Kveta Kohoutova. The city of Klatovy, one of general sponsors of the tournament was represented by the Mayor of Klatovy Rudolf Salvetr and the Deputy Mayor of Klatovy Vaclav Chroust.

The Organizing Committee acknowledged guests and representatives of the city with statistics and outcomes of 2018 Easter Cup Klatovy Tournament and presented plans for this year’s tournament. Mentioned was the number of teams that are registered at this moment – one month prior the tournament’s beginning. Furthermore, there were presented novelties that will be included in the tournament. The representatives of the city expressed their affirmative attitude towards organization of not only sport but also cultural events in the city of Klatovy and its neighborhood.

“Last year’s tournament was record-breaking in all aspects. We firmly believe that we will continue in this trend and that we will witness increased number of participants and also improvement of the organization of the tournament.” Articulated the Managing Director of the Tournament Stanislav Krivacek.

“Even though the tourist season in our city starts officially in May, we are sitting here today and mentioning numbers of visitors which will come in the city of Klatovy during April. Thanks to two large sporting events but also cultural events, in particular Easter Cup Klatovy and Rallye Sumava, the city of Klatovy will be visited by 5,000 visitors within two weeks which is approximately one quarter of the number of inhabitants of Klatovy. All events which have been held in the city of Klatovy have positive impacts on regional economy and the quality of life.” Mentioned in his speech the mayor of Klatovy Rudolf Salvetr.

“It seems to me like in the baroque period when our city experienced incredible flourishing. Back in the days, it was especially traveling, if we can use this term, what brought economic and cultural boom. The city of Klatovy will thus maximally support all sporting and cultural events which will take place in our region in the future.” Added the Deputy Mayor of Klatovy Vaclav Chroust.

“We cannot forget to thank our partners without which the tournament could not be organized to the extent it is today. I think that it is also important that we consider children and fans arriving to Klatovy as a priority. We want them to enjoy not only the tournament itself but also the atmosphere of the city. We want them to leave Klatovy with the feeling that they gained new exciting experience. That is the reason why we are doing our best to prepare abundant accompanying program for them all. They can visit municipal monuments, swimming pool, or bowling.” Said the Chief of the Organizing Committee Kveta Kohoutova.

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